technical specifications

REVOLVER MF 963 has been projected and designed to become a very high precision and safety weapon.
It is not just  a common revolver , but the REVOLVER. It should be appreciated and requested for its absolute construction quality.

Each parts contains in itself the best technology available today.

Anti-friction system:

  • the hammer rotates on  precision roll bearing  ensuring  a minimum level of friction and  greater movement fluidity , both in single and in double action.
  • the extractor shaft moves in a bush: lowest level of friction and longest weapon durability
  • cylinder rotates on a groove pin keeping its lubrication: reduced friction and increased rotation capacity
    with minimal effort. These three systems together  allow you to get better stability and
    movements perception both in armament and in shooting

REVOLVER MF 963 series is pure technology in any single part.
Nothing was left to chance, nothing is the result of price convenience. Every detail represents the excellence meant  as a process of production and assemblying..

REVOLVER MACHINERY: the machinery of REVOLVER 963 MF comes from solid tri-alloy steel plates and bars, a process typically used for weapons aimed to military use. All the parts that compose it are worked with high precision equipment.
This results in weapon safety.

In the weapons industry, the machinery of guns is almost always a micro-cast and printed product that by nature "suffers" from air microbubbles in the final material.

In REVOLVER 963MF there are only details made from solid material, from the small round-headed screw to hammer, trigger and frame.

GRIPS: the grips of REVOLVER MF 963 are made from solid walnut wood, worked and polished to get an aesthetically pleasing and stylish look..

FRAME: it is made entirely of stabilized and hardened aluminum alloy - the material typically used
in aerospace sector. This material gives the MF 963 REVOLVER the lightness required to make it a gun of absolute quality and manageability. Also in this case the frame is completely obtained from a solid piece and worked by chip removin..

BARREL: produced by the German factory Lothar Walther that guarantees and certifies the supply of high quality barrels produced using “Krupp” German steel.

LOCKING SYSTEM OF BARREL: the barrel locking  on frame is firmly guaranteed by a plug / screw (grub screw) with a bush on the head..

CYLINDER LOCKING SYSTEM : double locking system with rectified climber mounted on the beam with pawl. This ensures complete security of the closing and a perfect alignment barrel / cylinder shooting chamber.

AESTHETICAL TREATMENT: performed with protective coating GK according to MIL standards used in the American military sector (U.S. Navy Seal, U.S. Army) provides excellent resistance to moisture,  atmospheric agents, chemical aggressive elements and more in general to scratches and wear.