Our company was founded in 1973, a period that represents the beginning of that economic development that has characterized our Valley: Valtrompia.

During those years, it was developed all over the Valley  the art of weapons construction, both sporting and military ones.

Giuseppe Olmi, expert in the use of precision machineries for mechanical working, got the request of the largest Weapons Italian factory  and offered himself  as subcontractor of high-precision parts for their products.

1973 foundation year


After an in-depth analysis on its technical production skills, Olmi company began producing both military and civilian details for overlapping and single-barrel semi-automatic shotguns.

Those details prepared at
our headquarters have been  mounted on assault rifles and on legendary semi-automatic guns M9 ,  military (92) and civil (96/98) ones.

40 year experience and 40 years of profitable collaboration. After reaching these numbers,  we believe that we do have the needed know-how to start producing our guns. We want to produce the Weapon, a precise, safe and lightweight one.

We have everything we need to produce a successful weapon because it has been designed and built with cutting-edge tools experienced in the world of weapons..



It was designed, tested, refined. Here you are  the very first weapon  of Olmi Weapons company, the REVOLVER 963 MF