963 mf

For forty years we have been working  closely with greatest  Italian weapons factory, Beretta Armi, providing very high precision details for some gun models that have met the best success in the world.

For forty years we have been innovating and constantly improving the quality of our equipment in order to get unique pieces: unique in quality, in safety, in shooting accuracy.

For forty years we have been doing all this, supported by our passion for weapons, defense and sporting ones.

Nowadays, in 2013, we have given birth to the result of all this work. We have made our first gun, fruit of all our knowledge and passion.

The MF 963 revolver, one of the very few weapons in the world to be produced starting from a block of light alloy and working it till obtaining a massive and safe gun.


Barrels of high quality produced by the German Lothar Walther factory

dettaglio canna



solid steel alloy billet, machined with high precision machines to ensure the safety of the weapon

dettaglio cane



completely stabilized aluminum alloy and tempered to ensure quality and portability

dettaglio blocco